Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Survivor dorks ready?

So yeah, I've mentioned before that I'm a huge Survivor dork. Yes, I've watched every season. I love this show for oh-so many reasons.

And because my dear friend, Tracee-Trace, is also a lover of Survivor we invented a game we play. (I'm sure I've mentioned it here before, but I can't even begin to remember when that was.)

Each week, I type up a list of questions such, as "What color shirt will Jeff Probst be wearing the first time we see him?" or "Who will be the first person to have a body part fuzzed out?" (If you've watched the show, you know I'm talking about inevitably someone's pants fall down or someone's shirt rides up and certain body parts must get fuzzed out.)

Then we watch the show and grade our ballots and keep score. This will be the third season we've played this game. So far Tracee has won, hands down, both seasons.

So the new season starts tomorrow and we're taking the game to a new level.

OK, the game is actually not going anywhere, but to make it easier for us, I printed out all the players' bios and pictures. Then I tacked them onto a large board so we can ... uh ... be bigger dorks ... and that is after all the purpose of the game.

So woot to a new season of Survivor!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to compare us to fantasy football guys, but that we talk about the *important* stuff. My savant-like (idiot, no?) instincts tell me the light blue shirt reigns supreme again this season! And our abilities to spot fuzz are stellar. Not that I'm staring at their crotches hunting for it or anything.


Roger said...

Are you going to watch the new kid show thats starting tonight? Kid Nation I think its called, I watched some preview show and it looks like it could be good.