Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now hang on one minute, Mr. Fall

Monday is my long day, in that I work all day then race home, eat dinner then head off to lecture a group of college students for a few hours. But I don't mind so much.

I enjoy teaching, for the most part. And this semester I decided that I'd ride my bike to campus every Monday. It's a short ride and there's no good reason that I shouldn't take my beloved Electra out for a spin.

It's been working out great so far. But something startled me this week. When I got done lecturing and closing up shop for the evening, it was dark outside.

Gasp. Dark at 8:30 in the evening? Why that just ain't right.

The change of the seasons always surprises me. I guess that comes from being raised in the San Francisco-Bay Area where it's always 60 degrees and sunny.

Plus it seems like summer lasts forever here. And that's not really a complaint. Yeah, it gets blistering hot, but summer is so much fun.

But now the fruit is all ripe and overflowing the bins at the farmer's market and the days are getting shorter.

I rode my home in the dark Monday night, using my bike's light to guide my way. The temperature was absolutely perfect for a nighttime ride and I grinned the whole way home. I try to act casual, like I'm one of those people who always rides their bike, but I can't.

I'm clumsy and awkward and I grin. It's obvious that I enjoy riding a little too much.

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