Thursday, September 27, 2007

I didn't forget ...

to update yesterday, I just ... uh, um, you know, didn't think of it until I was on my way to band practice last night. Doh!

I guess I was too busy working and grading exams yesterday to fulfill my blogging obligations. Believe me, I will try really hard to make sure that work never gets in the way of my blogging obligations again!

Yesterday was Goddess La La's birthday. Kelley made cupcakes and brought them to practice and we gave her a gift. That's the cool thing about being in our little girl band — we give each other gifts on our birthdays. We've been told that this is not a common practice.

We're working a couple news songs and a new cover for our upcoming show in Denver. We're really excited about this show. We're at a great venue, Cricket on the Hill. And we're playing with some kick-ass bands.

The guy who booked the show is in one of the bands playing that night, the S.O.B.s. I contact this band, not because I know them but because they opened for the Supersuckers when the 'Suckers played Denver.

Good idea, I know.

So, we getting our second CD done and getting ready for this show and have a blast doing it. So double Woot! to being in a girl band (even if we have to play with a boy)!

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Chopped Liver said...

What a sweet rocker lady you must be.