Monday, September 10, 2007


It was a quiet weekend around the Rivetergirl homestead. Bill had to catch up on some work and I took it upon myself to get more of the trim painted on our house (the house of the never ending painting projects - ick).

I worked on getting the front and back steps painted Saturday morning.

Don't the steps look nice. Yes, they do, thank you very much.

In the afternoon, we hired a sitter to watch Mar while we did something that we very rarely do — we went to the movies. And we didn't take Mar because we saw an adult movie ... well, it was really an adolescent movie with themes wholly inappropriate for a child, but terribly appropriate for for adolescent-mined adults like ourselves.

We saw Superbad.

This movie was chock full of juvenile humor that many find distasteful. We — and everyone else in the theater that day it seemed — found it hilarious. I think I pulled a muscle laughing. And I know Bill has a bruise on his leg from where I kept slapping him. Oh man.

Funny stuff.

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