Monday, September 24, 2007

A day off and a night out

Margaret had the day off school Friday and I did something that I rarely do ... I took the day off and I had no plans to do anything. at. all.

We slept in Friday morning. I didn't even hear Bill when he left for work. Then we did something else that I rarely do ... I shopped.

Shopping usually makes me irritable and tired. But Mar and I actually had fun. And I got a new formal outfit to wear to hoo-ha Saturday night.

(Notice nice segue from the "day off" story to the "night out" story — oh yeah, I'm slick.)

So Saturday night Bill and I attended a gala thrown by the hospital for which Laurena works. She had a couple empty chairs at their table and she knows how we love ourselves some free dinner, so it didn't take much to twist our arms.

I was just going to wear one of the handful of formals I already own, but the fact is I'm old now and it's time I started dressing like the old heifer that I am. So I found myself a nice dress that covers up all the mom flab on my arms and glosses over my flabby midsection.

And because we're dorks of the most magnificent magnitude, we had Tracee (who sat for us Saturday night) take some pictures before we left.

The answer is "No" we can't ever act right.


laurena said...

And you were one fine, hot-looking couple. Almost ... upstanding. What the hell?

Anonymous said...

Damn you two look good!

Love y'all!

Daniel said...

My, how lovely you look in BLUE! Ya'll really do clean up nice.

What's that thing is growing out of Bill's butt in that first shot? Maybe you should get that looked at.