Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Before I had a kid, all of the cars I owned were manual transmissions.

I loved driving a standard. I loved clutching and shifting and being in charge.

Then I got pregnant with Mar and we bought an SUV that was an automatic. It took me a while to get used to it. I thought it was an aberration, that the next car would be a manual and I'd be back to shifting and clutching again.

I was wrong. I like the automatic. It's easier.

When Mar was just a tiny nut, I used to have to find the lost pacifier and plug it back into her crying gob at stop signs. This is much easier to do without having to worry about keeping the clutch in.

Now we have a car/truck/SUV/whatever that I like and want to keep for a long time.

I realized today one of the things that I really like about it is that it's an automatic.

It's not just because automatics shift smoother and are easier to operate than a manual transmission, it's that it's WAY easier to eat a Peppermint Patty while driving an automatic.

I like to nibble my Patties, not gobble them down while driving. This requires holding of the Patty for a long period of time and a gently rotation of it to maximize the snacking pleasure. This is not something that can be done if one needs hands free to operate a car.

So, I've given in to the simple joy of gassing and braking of the automatic transmission.


Anonymous said...

Yesssss, gassing. Heavy on the gassing.


Roger said...

I can drive out the old mustang for you if you really feel the urge to do some power shifting. She has 3 times as much horsepower than when you drove her last. Would be tons of fun in the snow!