Monday, February 04, 2008

Snow day

This is what it looks like across my desk today ... littered with little kid stuff and a little kid.
She's not sick, Bill's not too sick today and neither am I ... but the school district is. Over night they decided that the 5 inches of snow and the threat of cold temperatures and forecast of more white stuff caused them to close all schools for the day.

And guess what?

It's sunny and relatively mild today. No bitter cold. No more snow. Just sun and wet streets.

We have been having a bad winter. But I think the district jumped the gun on this snow day. Hopefully, this will be as bad as it gets.


emily said...

Whooo! Go Midge!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe this is the first snow day for Dist. 51 in, like, 40 years.


RiveterGirl said...

1988 was the last year that District 51 had a snow day. I just talked to someone who talked to the District PIO and he said they called the day due to snow in Gateway and Glade Park. Huh.