Monday, February 11, 2008

A weekend of miracles and accidents

It wasn't an exciting rock 'n' roll weekend, but it was one of the better weekends I've had for a long time. Bill and I had a retail therapy experience at Bed, Bath and Beyond's clearance aisle.

Dude, we got a bunch of stuff for the house for 75 percent off. Woot for the clearance aisle.

The one thing we plunked a whopping 5 bucks for was a rack that sits over the toilet.

This $5 rack has been quite the focus of our attention.

First of all, we had to remove a towel bar to allow the installation of the aforementioned rack. The towel bar had been installed by the previous owners. I assumed (stupidly) that I could unscrew the four screws patch the holes and call it good.

Uh no.

I stripped out one of the screws and another one would not budget. Then we realized that the rack had been glued to the wall and attached via giant molly bolts.

After much swearing and sweating, we got the rack off the wall, but two gigantic holes in the blue paint remained. Not wanting to repaint the entire bathroom for a $5 rack, I scraped a bunch of tiny paint chips into a baggie and took them to our neighborhood True Value store.

I showed the nice paint guy my chips. He sighed and said that need about a quarter size area to match paint. He then meticulously taped the tiny chips together and put them into his machine.

The resulting paint looked close, but we had no idea how close. Worst case scenario was that I'd have to repaint the entire bathroom with the new color.

A miracle happened. The nice paint guy created a virtually exact match. I'm amazed.

So the paint looks good, but the rack ... we're still not sure about that $5 rack. It takes up a lot of room in an already tiny bathroom. We're going to try it out for a while and see if we like it. If not, we're only out $5 for the rack (I'll ignoring the $11 I spent on paint).

Bill helped me complete other small projects around the house, despite the fact that he wanted to be spending his time trying on his new hockey gear and skates.

All this shopping and home-improvement projects and trying on of the hockey gear was accompanied by the sounds of the Juno soundtrack.

I haven't seen the movie yet and I didn't really want to buy the soundtrack. I was trying to buy a Moldy Peaches album and carelessly bought the soundtrack instead. It turned out to be such a happy accident. With songs by Mott the Hoople and Sonic Youth mixed with the lo-fi quirkness of Kimya Dawson and the bands she's associated with, it's exactly what I've been wanting to hear lately.

Oh and I also make sugar cookies from scratch. Read about that over here.

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