Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Battle of the Books, year 2

Last night Margaret participated in her second Battle of the Books competition.

Last year Margaret and her one teammate fought a noble fight but they got one wrong answer, knocking them out of a first place tie.

This year, her second grade had a full team of three. And this year Margaret and I spent most Tuesday evenings at the library reading books off the battle list.

Second graders had 22 books. Margaret read them all but one. Not too shabby. Their great teacher, Ms. Mac did a great job preparing the girls. But Mar was still nervous ... look at that face.

Like last year, I sat nervously in the audience. I don't care about her winning, but I want her to do well and be satisfied with her performance in the competition.

Her team did well, only missing two questions, but they were by far the most distracted team.

They were giggling and goofing around and not paying attention. And when it was their turn to answer they were by far the funniest team. They would answer in tandem and act out their concern over not knowing.
They didn't win, but they sure were cute while they were trying.

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