Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Beans for yoga

I've started doing yoga again. It is really a necessity for my sanity and the well-being of my family. I'm hoping that the practice will bring me back to center instead of the wild pendulous spinning from extreme to extreme that seems to be my norm.

I seem to have moved beyond the one "just irritated" mood to variations of that mood. I like to call them the "completely despondent" mood or "fake good" mood or the most common mood of "indifference." There's no relaxed mood or contented mood or fun mood, "just irritated" and its variants.

I'd like to see my regular moods again, so I'm back to yoga. And it pleased me to see that Fussy posted a new installment of Yogabeans. If Aquaman can do yoga with one arm and Storm Shadow can do it with one foot, I certainly can do it with my one mood.

I'm doing it at home, because I can't find a class that will fit into the 90 seconds of free time that I eek out on a daily basis. I'm hoping to get the figured out, too. I think going to a class is way better than practicing while Bill asks me questions about what movies we should put on our Netflix queue.

Even if I don't get my old moods back, I like doing yoga. It makes me at least feel like I'm doing something good for myself.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! Yoga rocks!