Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I like my new ...

This morning my co-worker and co-Haute Mama, Richie, sent me a message thanking me for getting Kimya Dawson's song "So Nice So Smart" stuck in her brain. Her comment was full of sour-casm (that's Mar talk for "sarcasm" but I like sour-casm so much better, so we never correct her).

But I know what she means about that song taking root in your brain. I've been pretty much listening to the Juno soundtrack non-stop for the last week. Mar has learned the words to many of the songs and during dinner one night, she sung out, "I like my new bunny suit."

It was awesome. I love Kimya's music. It's so (say it with me now) low-fi and quirky. I find it comforting in it's simplicity, yet totally get the edgy vibe of her lyrics.

And these days I like surrounding myself with things that make me feel better. I always have a bottle of Fiji water and a bag of soy nuts ... because I loves me some soy nuts. I'm doing yoga as much as I can and I spending lots of time with my Bed Buddy.

Now get your mind out of the gutter, a Bed Buddy is a long sack filled with ... uh, something that gets warm when you cook it in the microwave for two minutes. Then I sit or lie with the this thing draped over my back or along my gut or at my feet. It's awesome. I've considered taking it with me to work, but with my ever-present Fiji and Kimya-blaring iPod, I think I'll just save the Bed Buddy for home.


Anonymous said...

I totally want to burn that sdtk off yours. Moldy Peaches!


Anonymous said...

I think they are filled with flaxseed or rye or something similar.