Thursday, October 16, 2008

All-new Riveter stuff

Next Saturday, my band, Riveter, will be releasing our newest 5-song EP "Snatch."

We are so in love with this CD.

All five songs are strong representations of who we are. We are gritty and hard rockin', but also nuanced and funny. Sometimes we're even a little nasty (after all, Laurena and I try to think up nasty lyrics for Kelley to sing just because it delights us).

After almost 5 years, we have a sound we love, songs that rock and a whole new kick-ass attitude.

We'll be bringing all of our hard-driving music to the Quincy Bar next Saturday and plan on putting on one hell of show. We're starting our show with a brand new cover song of our most favorite band right now, Betty Blowtorch, just to get the tone set right and rockin'.

We are very excited about this show and this new CD.

Below are the poster for the show and our newest logo which rocks.

Oh and you can listen to our new songs on our myspace page and on our Reverb Nation page.

The songs are: Free Me, Snatch, Good Girl, Handlebars, Get Out.

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