Friday, October 03, 2008

Inconvenient photo op

Getting a new restaurant in Grand Junction is exciting. Getting a new buffet restaurant is wholly thrilling if your our 8-year-old kid.

Over this past summer, Margaret developed quite a love of the buffet. For the past couple of months, she always picks our local salad bar restaurant, Garden of Eaten. We eat there a lot because it's hard to say no to a kid that wants salad for dinner.

Although Margaret's salad is different than a regular person's salad in that is contains so lettuce, just vegetables.

Anyway, when we saw that the Grand International Buffet was coming, we were excited. Mar has been asking, "Is the international buffet open?" everyday for weeks. Luckily it's now open.

We took her there Wednesday. And we all enjoyed it (that was until Mar sat with a half-full plate of desserts and noticed the soft-serve machine. I wouldn't let her get any, because I'm mean). The food was good for buffet food, not too mushy or too tough, just good.

Then I went to the bathroom. There were three stalls, one of was out of order and one was occupied. As I approached the open stall, I noticed this:

The lock on the door says, "Nobody." I laughed — which I'm sure was disconcerting to the occupant of the other stall.

Because my curiosity was piqued, upon exiting the stall I turned the handle. This is what I found:
"Has th person" it reads.

I laughed again. And to further distress the poor person trying to poop, I took out my camera and shot numerous shaky photos of the door lock. I was trying to be quick before someone else came in and found me taking photos of a bathroom stall door. The pictures came out a bit fuzzy. But you can't really blame me for not getting out the tripod, eh?


Mark said...

Send those to!

Artduss said...

This is why I am learning Chinese... So that I will know where to pee in the not so far off future

Robyn McIntyre said...

Hilarious, Robin! And please don't gouge out your eyes or ears with a chopstick - we need all your senses commenting on the state of things.

bex said...

Wow, Asian people can't spell for beans.

Kelsey said...

I just found you on blogher and I'm so glad I decided to click over. These pictures and the story of you getting them just made my night. I love it!