Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On family and rock 'n' roll shows

Last night at band practice, we were gearing up for our big CD-release party show Saturday night. We are focused on putting on a kick-ass, edgy rock 'n' roll extravaganza.

Yeah, we're planning on bringing out the big guns for this show.

Our first song of the night is a brand-spankin'-new cover, Hell on Wheels, by our beloved nasty girls, Betty Blowtorch. These chicks rocked hard and were so naughty, they make us look like Catholic school girls.

It's one hell of a way to start a show.

At one point, Kelley was singing about how we are "dirty, fuckin' bitches" and as I brought back to a conversation I had earlier that day with my mom.

My mom, who just arrived to spend the winter with us (yay), told me yesterday that not only was she coming to our show but my Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom will be there as well.

I have a great family and am excited that my aunt and uncle will get to see my band, but what will they think of all the debauchery that we are planning for this show?

I talked to the girls and Scott about this. At first we were all a little blushed about my mom and aunt seeing us rock our nasty selves out. But then I came to terms with the fact that I'm 38 years old.

I'm old enough to rock with my band and put on a good show.

Because, after all, it is just that, a "show."

So mom and Aunt Pat, we're all glad you're coming and don't be surprised when you hear us drop a gratuitous amount of F-bombs and talk way too much about people getting kicked in the ding dong.

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