Monday, October 20, 2008

Republicans get a kick to the balls

Sarah Palin is holding a rally at the park two blocks from my house. My neighborhood is cluttered with the cars of Republicans.

My husband and neighbor rode their bikes over to the stadium just as Palin was taking the stage. She began talking about energy.

Palin claimed that she and John McCain were going to drill, baby, drill.

To which the large crowd shouted, "Drill, Baby, Drill!" over and over again.

Really? Because 'the hell?

Margaret had piano lesson today and traffic in our normally uber quiet neighborhood was really busy. I reminded her to be extra careful crossing the street because the Republicans were all over the place.

Mar said, "What? Who are the Republicans? Are they going to get me?"

I assured her that they were probably not out to get her, but to be extra careful crossing the street.

Mar shouted, "Well, if they do try to get me, can I kick 'em in the balls and run away?"

My reply, "Of course, honey, just like if the Germans are trying to get you."

I think it's good for a child to have a healthy fear of Republicans and Germans.

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