Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baracking out

Saturday night, Bill's band, the Wrong Impressions, played the Rock for Barack show at the Mesa Theater.

I love going to Bill's shows and supporting him (even if his shows always seem to give me the stomach flu the next morning ... I wonder why that happens), but I was bitter that I was going to have to buy a ticket since there was no guest list.

I was kvetching about that with some friends and one said that if I came, he'd get me in. And he did. So I went — yes, that's how I roll.

The show was really fun even if there were too many people wearing political t-shirts. Bill wore this shirt — which is awesome in its ain't-rightedness (see making up words is easy people, let's all do it).

Check out these pictures I snapped while simultaneously drinking Bud Lite (yeah, I'm drinking Bud Lite now ... what's become of me?).

1 comment:

Shonda Little said...

I have a shirt that says, "Barack and Roll."
I want to get one made with Sarah Palin's face that says, "Puck You!"