Friday, October 17, 2008

New t-shirts, too

We can't have a new CD and a new logo without having new t-shirts, now can we?

Check 'em out:

And here's one without Chub-a-lub (aka Ella, but all of our cats have to have nicknames). Cats just can't help themselves when it come to stuff on the floor. Chub's all, "Hey thanks for the shirts. I love putting my cat butt on new shirts."

And a great, big happy birthday to my mama!


Anonymous said...

Can I buy a T-Shirt over the internet? Or how do I get one from way up here?

I can't remember my sign in so I am not Anonymous, it me...Artduss

RiveterGirl said...

Hell yeah you can get a shirt. E-mail me the size you want and your address and I'll get it into the mail. But if you wanna wait until next week, we'll have the CDs and I'll send you one of those, too!

Anonymous said...

I'll wait for the CD too...That would be great! I will wear it proud and play it loud!!