Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't say, "It's time to face the hole."

OK, I was raised watching Family Feud and The Price is Right.

I watched a former neighbor's granddaughter win a million big ones on Deal or No Deal recently.

Even though I failed the test to become a contestant on Jeopardy, I still watch it.

I like games shows.

But I don't know about Fox's new game show Hole in the Wall.

It's based on a Japanese game show — which means that it's silly and degrading ... two of my most favorite things.

But there's something about the American version that just makes me cringe.

And it's got nothing to do with the game itself.

It's the silver, clingy unitard that all contestants must wear.

Yeah, it's just way too clingy ... especially in the ... um, down-there area.

Hello Fox TV, please spare us the man camel toe or camel Joe or package highlights or whatever you want to call the outline of man junk.

It's too much.

And that's saying a lot coming from me.


Mark said...

We men prefer the term "Moose Knuckle."

Shonda Little said...

Jeopardy is on my list of Top Ten things to do.

Cindy said...

yikes....hate that myself....I cringe big watch Wipeout....I swear I laugh so hard I cry at least once a show.....I especially enjoy the contestants clothes getting weighed down by the mud juvenile of me I know :-)

motherbumper said...

Oh thank gawd you wrote about this because I was pretty sure I had imagined the promo I saw that show. But now you have confirmed that my silver spandex unitard nightmare I had the other night was based loosely in reality, I'm not sure how I feel about that. But you know I will end up watching it. And I just cringed at the term Moose Knuckle.

Chic Shopper Chick said...

Agreed. I loved the Japanese version, I almost fell over laughing when I saw it. WHen I saw the commercial for the version her I was so excited -- but then I noticed the unitards. Seriously? UNITARDS?

I agree, they need to go. Or at least be less shiny and clingy.