Thursday, September 04, 2008

Who let the dog in?

Yesterday after work, we were standing around talking to the neighbors when our dear friend Tracee pulled up with her back seat loaded with their home-grown peaches.

She jumped out of the car and exclaimed, "I just saw Dog the Bounty Hunter down at the blue goodies store."

Because we're dorks, we all jumped in our car and went off in search of Dog and his posse.

Unfortunately they were no longer at the blue goodies store (formerly known at the "big chicken" until the big chicken went MIA — I have no idea what the actual name of that store is), so we went to dinner.

But we were sure to check to see if there were any other Dog sightings.

Oh man, not only is Dog and his posse in town, but they are hunting tweakers.

I didn't know it was tweaker season.

Dog and his posse should be easy to spot around town as they are said to be driving around in two gold Cadillac SUVs.

Have you seen Dog?


Richie Ann said...

Yesterday I got a call saying he was at the Justice Center. I'm like "who?" And my friend is all "uh, Gawd, you really should get cable, everybody KNOWS dog."
I'm not really sure what the fuss is about?

RiveterGirl said...

You have to enjoy the theater of the absurd or a complete lack of taste to care about Dog and his ilk.

Being tasteless myself, I totally enjoy watching the Dog Pound in action.

Shonda Little said...

Did you see the Reno 911 parody of Dog? It was freakin' classic.

RiveterGirl said...

No, I haven't seen it, but since Dog is a caricature already, I bet that was some awesome parody.