Thursday, February 26, 2009

I win, you win — that's how Rivetergirl rolls

Last week, I was a loser and a breaker. I love my favorite scarf my mom gave me for Christmas (if someone goes to the Quincy would you mind asking if they have it in their lost and found?), I broke my camera, dented my bike fender and lost one of my custom "Robin" Valentine's Wired Originals earrings.

This week, I'm a finder and a winner.

On Tuesday, Cari from Wired Originals sent me a replacement earring. When I got home for lunch, shortly after getting the replacement, I found the missing earring. It was sitting on one of the chairs at our kitchen table. 'the hell?

Then I opened the mail.

I won, not one, but two prizes from the Lions Club raffle.

Two prizes, no shit.

The first prize was a hunndert dollars cash. I'm keeping that — mama, needs a guitar case for her Flying V.

The second prize is equally as cool, but I'm giving it away.

Click over here to read about it.

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