Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why cottage industries rock

I believe in being up front about what I need and want in my marriage. It makes things a lot easier when I don't have to rely on Bill's mind-reading skills.

Years ago, I plainly told Bill that cards and flowers are nice, but what I really wanted for Valentine's Day was a box of chocolate nuts and chews.

And guess what? Every year, I've been lavished with flowers and a nice big box of Enstrom's chocolates.


This year since I'm still trying to lose weight in my office's Biggest Loser challenge, I told him to skip the candy.

He did.


Instead he got me a pair of custom earrings from my favorite jewelry maker, Cari at Wired Originals.

Even more awesome.

Bill's smart that way.

You probably noticed that there's just one earring there. Click over here to read what happened and why cottage industries kick so many kinds of ass.

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