Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm losing it

I didn't want to be all braggy on the Haute Mamas blog, but I've lost 13 pounds so far.

Canna getta Woot! Woot! Huh?

Yeah, the sad thing is that I have no idea where those pounds are coming from. I still have all three of my asses: the upper, the lower and the middle one — which is constantly being strangled out by the upper and lower ones. My gut still jiggles like a bowl full of jelly, too.

But my clothes fit better and/or looser, so it must be coming from somewhere.

Any way, you can read about what I've been doing to shed the pounds here.


Anonymous said...

Lucky 13! Go Robin!


Ladybug650 said...

Rock on! Keep giving us updates, helps keep me motivated.

RiveterGirl said...

Thanks you guys. I have a weigh in tomorrow and assuming I don't blow it tonight I could be down another 3 pounds. Fingers crossed.

RiveterGirl said...

I lied in my comment above. As of last week's winning weigh in I was down 11 pounds. Yesterday I weighed myself and I was down two more and on the cusp of three. I didn't make that third pound, so I'm at a total of 13 pounds.

Yeah, that even confuses myself. I think the weight I'm losing is coming from my brain — it sure as heck is not coming from my any of my asses.