Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Twitter shoe bonanza

I've been Twittering for sometime now. I use it to update my Facebook status and I have my Twitter feed right over there ... see it on the right?

I like Twittering. It's all about precision and economy of words. Plus I can Twitter from the bar (which is a Twitter etiquette no-no, but I do it anyway).

I've been Twittering about not being able to find the perfect black boots and then about finally getting a pair. Today I Twittered the health benefits of wearing high heels.

That was a really smart thing to do.

Shortly after I received notification that Heels.com is following my Twitters.

And then they sent me a coupon for shoes.

Oh what a glorious Twitter day it is.

1 comment:

Ladybug650 said...

{jealous of the coupons} Your public service announcement via twitter made me smile. I was pissed the hooker boots were out of stock in my size, but I did find an equally hookery pair in suede. Burn calories, burn!