Monday, April 20, 2009

No Markel Farkel Friday

I didn't Markel Farkel Friday last week. I know. Things at my job are getting more and more hectic and they aren't giving me enough free time to horse around AND get my blog updated. Stupid job getting in the way of my online life. Jeez.

No really, I'm super happy to have my job and super happy to be busy and not looking like someone that could be downsized, if you smell what I stepped in.

So I didn't get a chance to Markel Farkel Friday y'all.

So today I'll shower you with some pictures from an impromptu show Riveter played Saturday night.

See, we all went to the Peach Street Distillers to see The Freeman Social play at a big pig roast, bbq bash for the distillery's owner's birthday. After they were done, they said we could use their equipment and play some songs. So we did.

The Freeman Social




It was fun. But, honestly, playing music is so much fun, I always wanna be doin' it.

You can tell by the casuallness of our attire that we had not planned on playing. But we rocked it rock 'n' roll style.

Yep, here we are rockin' The Freeman Social's equipment Riveter style.
Kelley belting out the tunes with me standing near the conveniently located porta potties.

Laurena being cute while trying to warm up her bass-playin' fingers.

Rockin' Mike's lovely vintage Gibson. Oh, how I love a Gibson.

Poor Boom Boom, this is how it always goes for the dummer — there's either the head of a guitar or a cymbal blocking their glamour shots.

Good times.


That One Guy said...

Rockit baby!!

And get thee hence to Salt Lake. (That's how we all talk here...)

And in other news, I just put my Fishman pickup on ebay, after deciding to part with my upright in favor of a nice 5-string fretless.... we shall see whether I live to regret the choice...

Ladybug650 said...

As a huge fan of Markel Farkel, I was a little disappointed. But since you are working and shit, I understand.
Rock on sister!

Anonymous said...

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