Thursday, April 16, 2009


I always remember my gramma starting her day with a cup of coffee and the crossword in the local newspaper.

My mom, never a morning gal, starts her midday with tea (I grew up with her saying, "Coffee smells good, but tastes .. blech" — I believe she is correct ... although I've never actually drank coffee — yeah, I'm that lame) and the crossword in the local newspaper.

Recently, I started helping out at the front desk at my work. To pass my time, I've started doing the crossword puzzle.

And the Sudoku (which I have always loved, but never had time for) and the Jumble (which I've never liked but now do it anyway) and the Celebrity Cipher (I like if I can figure it out, otherwise, eh).

So yeah, let's add "puzzler" or "puzzler doer" or "crossword dork" to my lengthy list of issues/traits.

But you know what, I like the challenge — especially the crossword.

On those days that I can finish it completely, I am buoyed. I think of it as a smart day for ye olde Rivetergirl.

On those days that I need help, I am stop extra hard on my way to the bathroom, but whatever. It doesn't define me. But I know it does some.

A while back, when Bill and I were going through our documentary phase, we rented Word Play — aptly, a documentary about people who do and make crosswords. When I mentioned this my crossword pal, Boom Boom,* he said, "I bet it's full of freaks."

Well, yeah ... and no. Mostly it's just regular people who have found a love crosswords and love to compete. But there are those saucy crossword freaks that season the story oh so nicely.

I'm still trying to get through the daily puzzles without erasing through the paper and am still quite afraid of the giant Sunday puzzle.

I wonder how long this puzzle phase is going to last?

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Jewels said...

I tried to do the one in the paper today, but then I got it's been so long since I've done a crossword I'd lost all my ability!