Wednesday, April 08, 2009

An open letter to Wendy's

Dear Wendy's (the fast-food franchise, not to all the ladies named Wendy's — why would there be women named "Wendy's," wouldn't they just be "Wendy" — who make prepackaged mandarin chicken salads and sell them at drive-thru windows):

It seems to me that I should not have to drain several ounces of "juice" from the bottom of my recently purchased mandarin, chicken salad.

Quite the contrary, it seems to me that the lettuce et al., should be dry and not hastily growing bacteria as I consume it.

It is, after all, salad and not soup.

Just so you know, I'm hungry. If I wasn't, I'd be driving my flabby ass back across town to the Wendy's establishment where said salad was purchased and sharing with your employees the juiciness of this so-called salad.

Nobody wants this, I can assure you. So please, in the future, keep it dry, OK?



Thomas Cook said...

My God you're nuts...

RiveterGirl said...

Tom, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Thomas Cook said...

Oh it was nothing but a compliment.