Thursday, July 26, 2007

One year later

A couple of years ago, we took the kids to Disneyland. Both kids were very excited about this as were Bill and I. But once we got to the park, Margaret had second thoughts about riding most every ride.

So we did like all good parents and forced Margaret on to rides ... sometimes literally crying (at one point as we were wrenching her onto a ride, the ride operator looked very worried, I assured the guy, "Despite all the crying, she's really enjoying the whole Disneyland experience." She found that she actually enjoyed many of the rides — some not (after getting off the Matterhorn she thrust her arms to her sides and cried, "Why. Do. They. Scare. Children."). But at least she rode the rides and doesn't talk about having any regrets about going on the rides (even the ones she didn't like) and hopes we'll go back soon.

So last year at the Mesa County Fair, she said she wanted to take in some of the carnival rides. At first she insisted she wanted to ride the ferris wheel, but as soon as we approached the ride, she changed her mind. I told her she could go now or she'd have to wait until next year.

She opted for next year. So fast forward to this year's Mesa County Fair.

Last night as we drove out to the fairgrounds, she insisted this was the year that she was going to ride the ferris wheel. We bought our tickets and walked on over. Mar immediately started in with the , "Yeah, I'm gonna wait until next year."

We pulled a Disneyland maneuver and forced her on the ride.

Guess what?
She loved it.

So much so that she went on more rides all. by. her. self.

She had a really good time taking in all the animal exhibits, eating her giant snowcone and watching the trained dogs catch Frisbees. All in all, the fair gets a big thumbs up.

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