Monday, August 13, 2007

Caught in the act

I love this picture because I caught Margaret in the act of being a kid.

Earlier this summer Margaret decided she wanted to be a crime fighter. She wanted to spend her weekend nights on the prowl looking for nere do wells all over our fair city.

When asked why she would be the protectors of the Grand Valley only on the weekends, she replied, "Because I'll have school during the week. Duh!"

Duh, indeed.

She became a bit defeated when I, in no uncertain terms, told her that she was going to have to fight crime on our block during daylight hours because she wasn't allowed to go sleuthing off across any streets by herself after dark.

Instead, she goes "on duty" whenever she might sense a crime could be eminent or when she remembers her desire to clean up these mean streets — like Saturday after we had lunch with our dear friends, Greedy, Sarah and the J-man.

As we labored down Main Street in 100-degree heat hanging up posters for my upcoming show (see the restraint I exhibited in not mentioning yet again that my band is opening for the Supersuckers?), Margaret climbed up on the wall and announced, "I'm on duty." That basically meant that she was on the lookout for suspicious characters.

Believe me, everyone on Main Street Saturday was suspicious.

This town sure is lucky to have UnderMargaret (it's like UnderDog ... I don't really get it either, but she's going with it) on duty and on the streets.

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