Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More stupidity

I'm anemic (I know, that's shocking news since my skin is so transparent that you can read the serial numbers off my capillaries), so I've been instructed by a trained medical professional to take copious amounts of Ibuprofen during the heaviest days of my period to help my body from demineralizing myself such as it does.

So today, I popped four ibuprofen into my mouth and reached for the water glass (which is made out of plastic, of course, because we all know that I'm all elbows and clumsiness) I keep on my desk.

It was empty and the pills were beginning to dissolve.

So what to do:

1. Do I walk out to the reception area with four rapidly dissolving pills on my tongue to refill my glass? Or,

2. Do I spit them into my hand and walk walk into the reception area to refill my glass while carrying four smeary pills? Or,

3. Do I do something much smarter that I can't think of?

Just for the record, I chose number 2, the spit option. Because that's the kind of girl I am. But I'd like to hear what better ideas there might be ... you know, for next time.

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