Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More on Friday night mayhem

Damn it all to heck! I'm busy ... with work stuff! Argh!

This doesn't happen often, so I shouldn't complain but still ... (whine).

So, I'll just throw down a quick story from Friday for y'all:

We, as a band, are not big drinkers. I never drink when I play and might have one or two drinks afterward depending. La usually has to drive back to Palisade, so she never has more than two in an evening.

Friday night was an exception. Let me tell you, adrenaline and a bit of jager, makes for a super fun combination. Well, it was super fun for us, not necessarily for everyone else.

After the show was over, Laurena and I cornered Dan "Thunder" Bolton downstairs in the green room where we peppered him with all sorts of banter.
La and I were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Until we realized that on the table were two bins filled with beer and water labeled "Supersuckers" and one labeled "Sun Trash" and exactly zero labeled "Riveter."

Not to be left out, Laurena removed the "Supersuckers" tag and replaced it with a napkin upon which she scrawled "Riveter." Moments later the 'Suckers tour guy, Dave (I think his name was Dave) came in and said, "You girls'd better not be drinking my beer."

Not being one to be intimidated, La immediately challenged the guy that he should be careful about drinking our beer. We delighted in pointing our the "Riveter" sign. The guy just shook his head.

I think we are really lucky we're girls and we're cute. Because I doubt dude bands could get away with such things.

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