Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Be Strong, Be Wrong"

Disclaimer: This is yet another post where I'll be gushing about how much I love the Supersuckers and everything they do and how my band is opening for them soon.

Yesterday when I got home for lunch, I noticed a package on the table. I immediately smiled and said, "Happy early birthday, Bill."
"Why?" he asked. "What's in the package?"

Without answering, I ripped out the bag and pulled out two, brand-new Supersuckers t-shirts.
I had to have a new shirt because I'm going to do the cheesy fan thing and wear one of their shirts when we open for them on August 24 (at the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction. Tickets are $15 and you can buy them online here or call 970-241-1717 — how's that gratuitous plug for ya?).

I like the one I got for me. But it's not the one I wanted. I wanted this one. But Margaret gets all indignant when I wear shirts that she doesn't feel are appropriate (does anyone else find it odd that I get chastised by my 7-year-old daughter for not being appropriate? No? Yeah, me neither). So I went with the shirt that didn't say, "Have some sex and take some drugs" just to please my kid.

Gah! The sacrifices I make for my child.

And I couldn't get myself a shirt without getting Bill one, too. He got this one:
Yes that is a jackalope in the center. It's a reference to the Supersuckers' song "Creepy Jackalope Eye," of course.

And in case you can't read the motto at the bottom:

Yep, it gives some good advice. "Be strong. Be wrong."

Awesomeness in every way.


min said...

Those are pretty cool! In a year or two your daughter will be borrowing your shirts (and vise versa). It's always a little embarrassing when I meet with an associate and happen to glance down to realize I'm wearing Marilyn Manson on my chest.

RiveterGirl said...

I look forward to those days. Though I do catch myself looking a bit under-age dressed now and then. But what the heck, you only live once!