Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy day

Last Saturday our dear friends, Greg (aka Greedy) and Sarah were married.

Several months before the wedding, we were hanging out in our front yard and I was playing some songs on my guitar. They asked me if I'd be willing to play a song at their wedding ... on Sarah's deceased father's 12-string Martin guitar.

"I'd be honored, " I immediately replied.

Oh and could you sing the song, too? they asked. "Yeah, sure," I said with an unwarranted swagger.

I'm always honored when anyone thinks I'm good enough to sing or play guitar for them. Then, of course, the reality sets in and I panic.

I'm OK on the guitar. I practice a lot and try to learn new stuff all the time, but I'm no virtuoso.

And my singing ... yeah, I have no idea how to rate my singing. I don't have a great range and I have to practice a lot, but it's OK, too.

Fortunately I love to sing and play the guitar so usually it's aiight.

I worked with Greedy and Sarah on coming up with a song and we finally decided on Bob Dylan's Wedding Song, which Dylan wrote in 1973. I love me some Bob Dylan, but I'd never heard of this song before Google showed it to me. Now I love it.

The lyrics are so heartfelt and pure. When I was trying to learn this song, I kept crying because they words were so powerful. I was to play this song during the a particular moment in ceremony, so I cut some verses and rearranged these rest so it would flow the best.

Then I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. The 12-string worn my fingers and now I'm sporting some really sweet callouses.

We borrowed sound equipment from our dear friend and current drummer, Scott, and I practiced more through the little PA. I'm sure my neighbors hope to never hear that song again.

I loved playing that well-worn Martin. It's voice is so pure and rich. I hoped that I would to the guitar justice.

The wedding day came and I felt pretty good about the song and was very excited to be part of our friends' wedding. They are such a great pair and we're really happy for them as they start their new life together.

The ceremony was beautiful. Sarah's dress (which she bought in Ireland) was gorgeous. They looked so happy. My song went well and the reception was a blast. They had an Irish band play and arranged formal dances like the Virgina Reel — which we loved dancing.

All in all, it was a very happy day. And I'm very honored to have been a part of it.

But because nothing can be perfect ... I bought a dress specifically to wear to this wedding. I haven't bought a special dress in at least 8 years. And guess what? Some skinny chick showed up wearing the exact same dress, same color, same everything except the extra 20 pounds giggling all over the place. But you know what? It was such a happy day that I didn't even care (that much).

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