Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday night = Awesomey goodness

My brother left a comment on my last entry asking how the show went Friday went.


We had so much fun, I'm still giddy over the whole thing.

For those not fully versed in just how my band, Riveter, scored an opening gig for the Greatest Rock 'n' Roll band in the world, click over here and my post on the Supersuckers' message board.

All day Friday, I tried my best to not get all adrenalined out and was pretty mellow ... until we got to the venue to load in and soundcheck. When we opened the back door, down the hallway walked Eddie Spaghetti.

I was officially excited.

We loaded in and waited while the 'Suckers did a sound check. I tried to act like it was just another day playing music, but really it felt like it was a mini concert just for us. Awesome.

After our sound check we had enough time to go home, eat and change. We got back to the venue about 20 minutes before we went on. I was pumped, so excited to be playing. Then before we knew it, it was time to start.

This was our first show since Bridgett left the band. Things could go either way for us.

We started our first song and it was on. It was pure adrenaline-filled awesomeness. We played great, really high energy and with lots of enthusiasm. Our 30-minutes flew by. When it came time to play our last song, our ode to Eddie Spaghetti, I was a little bit sad and I was happy to drag out the train wreck at the end just to savor those last couple of moments.

With our set done and our equipment loaded, we proceeded to wreak havoc all across the club.

Just after our set, I walked out the front door of the venue with the Supersuckers' business and record guy, Chris Neal. As we walked past the smoking corral, I was flooded with cheers. Lots of people I didn't know lavished us with praise.

Chris said, "Wow! Look at the response you guys are getting."

Being the smart ass that I am, I replied, "Yeah, we get that all the time."

The rest of the night was a blur. The next band, Sun Trash, rocked the house old-skool style with their sweet, lyrical blend of punk rock attitude. Awesome.

The 'Suckers put on such a great show. But that's what they do. I love seeing them live. Everything about them screams coolness.

I just hope their coolness is infectious.

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