Monday, January 14, 2008

It ain't all that bad

I woke up from an icky dream early this morning. I dreamt that I was bleeding all over my brand-new set of cream-colored, flannel sheets.

And you know what? I was bleeding and I had horrible cramps and a headache. Being a woman can really suck. When does menopause start?

I got myself put together and went back to bed. Even though we've been going to bed early most nights, I'm utterly exhausted and was looking forward to a couple more hours of sleep.

Then I looked at the clock. It said 6:09. I had less than 20 minutes until my alarm was set to go off.

Happy Monday to me. But I'm here at work and it's amazing how four ibuprofen and a bottle of Fiji make things not quite so sucky.

I think the fact that I finally got my hair done is helpful, too. Having the forest of gray hair that is growing right in front of my head, waving at me every morning was really getting to me. And why do those nasty grays have to manifest themselves right in the front of my head? Why can't they be in the back where I won't see them? Gah! Stupid getting older.

And because things aren't so terribly horrible, here's some photos:
I laughed at these pants when Bill got them for Christmas and now he never gets to wear there. They are so soft and warm ... um, not that I've ever worn them.

We Western Slopers just ain't used ta so much snow.

But it sure is purty.

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