Friday, January 25, 2008


Last night Margaret called my brother to thank him and his family for the Christmas gifts she received.

Let me tell you, Mar and Sean were super excited to get their gifts in the middle of January. They still would have appreciated them on Christmas day, but Christmas in January rocks.

After Mar was done thanking everyone, she asked my brother, "Do you want to talk to my mom?"

That question was followed by this, "No, she's not pooping."

That was an obvious reference to yesterday's post. I should take this moment to clarify that neither Bill nor I like talking on the phone while in the bathroom. The problem is Margaret is prone to forcing the phone into your hand, regardless of what you are doing and walking away.

Once she handed me the phone while I was in the shower. The call was from one of my students. And Mar had told this student that I was in the shower.

Talk about awkward.

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