Monday, January 28, 2008

Weeding out the cleaning

It was tough, but Bill and I got it done. It took longer than we expected and we had some "do-overs" but we did it.

We watched the entire third season of the Showtime show Weeds over the weekend.

That show is awesomely hilarious and brilliant and sometimes more than a little unbelievable, but great nonetheless.

Because we stayed up late Friday and Saturday night and because Bill is old, he kept falling asleep. I would poke him and pinch him and generally annoy him, but we still had to go back and re-watch some episodes. But we got it done.

The hardest part was keeping Margaret occupied while we tried to watch episode after episode. This is definitely not a kids show. Luckily she goes to sleep early!

To make up for my slothful ways, yesterday I cleaned all the floors in the house (sans basement) and then ... and then ... people and animals walked on them putting their dirty feet all over my clean floors.

Cleaning is so overrated. Have you ever been able to get the laundry done and keep it done?

Exactly. Pointless.

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