Friday, January 18, 2008

Soup and fake photos

Yesterday was soup day at my work. That's why I didn't post ... I was too busy eating soup.

Soup day is awesome. We had more than a dozen different kinds of soup. I tried them all. They were great. Click the link and you can get some recipes. And I brought soup, too. Soup that I made myself and people ate it. I don't think it was the favorite, but I'm satisfied that I made soup to share at all. So go me.

Today I posted over here about sledding and included some pictures. Granted they are not pictures of us sledding, but they are pictures of people sledding. What more could you want?

So I got a new pair of work pants. They have some buttons on the front and back of the waistband. I was inspired by the cute buttons to tuck my shirt in.


I know, tucking in is akin at accessorizing for me ... it just doesn't happen, but today I tucked in. I'm trying something new.

While I was gathering my stuff and getting ready to leave for work, Margaret starts laughing. She was laughing at me — or I should say that she was laughing at my pants. Apparently the buttons on the waist look like eyes and the seam down the middle looks like a mouth. And if you press my gelantious rump cheeks together (which she did) it makes the butt monster talk.

That's how I started my Friday.

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