Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why crickets are evil AND why girl bands are awesome

Here in western Colorado we have bugs. Huge, black, blood-lusty crickets and giant, flat, stupid "water bugs" that are actually Oriental roaches. Oh and spiders — we've got spiders and lots of them.

Almost every week during band practice there is some sort of bug incident.

The most notable was a tragic event that occurred at the end of a practice a while ago. We were sitting around in our pink, feather-trimmed negligees breathing heavy and dabbing at our glistening decolletes after our obligatory pillow fight (What? You don't think that is what goes on during our band practices? Believe me you'd be surprised. Just ask our dude drummer, Boom Boom. Why do you think he agreed to drum for a bunch of girls?) when Laurena shrieked, threw her bass case across the room and started frantically swatting her head.

Somehow a huge, black, blood-lusty cricket had hopped in her mop and was trying to bore its way into her brain.

It was horrible (for her — hilarious for us).

Today she forwarded me this video, proving that we are not alone with our distaste for the creepy crawlies.

Funny Videos

That dude screams just like Laurena.


Anonymous said...

The fantasy is always better than the truth! (Not the bugs, the other stuff).

That One Guy said...

Your drummer: Best job in the world!!

I love this place, by the way!!