Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not quite the same

Today Bill and Margaret met me downtown so I could have a decent healthy lunch instead of the handfuls of rice crackers that have been passing for my meals of late.

I wheeled my bike on to Main Street, careening around pedestrians and skidded to a stop in front of the table where Bill and Mar sat.

There was a motorcycle helmet on the table.

Why did you bring a helmet to lunch? I asked warily.

Mar chimed in, "Daddy says I have to wear a helmet to ride on the motorcycle."

And there is was, "the other woman," the bike, the Triumph, parked in a spot on the street.

Cue hyperventilation now.

My little girl on the back of a motorcycle? 'the hell?

But then I remembered that the reason I wanted Bill to have this bike was because of the memories I have of my dad taking me for rides on the back of it.

I started to breath more normally. Then I ate my lunch.

It was all good until they got ready to go. Margaret donned the helmet, but Bill did not.

"I told you, that you HAD to wear a helmet if you are going to ride the bike," I bitched.

Bill smiled. "I don't like you riding YOUR bike without a helmet."


But come on. It's different, right?

Yes. I'm sure I'm right on this one. Everyone who thinks my husband should be wearing a helmet, please raise your hands ...

See, that's all of you.

(OK, it was just me, but still ... )


Anonymous said...

But if you wore a helmet we wouldn't be able to see your golden locks flying in the wind as you glide by.

However, a helmet would definately up the ante on the dork factor.

Oh! I just had a flashback to when I dated a guy many moons ago who had a Harley and we used to ride all over the valley (on I-70!) without helmets! Gah!


Merry Magpie said...

Of course he should wear a helmet but it might cut down on the aerodynamics.
What is the gas mileage like on one of those? Surely less than a car, maybe? I can't wait until the kids are older..

RiveterGirl said...

The motorcycle gets about 60 miles per gallon. His head smacking the pavement is much less.

I'm probably making a mountain out of a molehill in that once we all have helmets, it won't even be an issue.

But the whole idea of my loves on a motorcycle makes me way nervous. I guess that's how Bill feels every day when I teeter off to work on my bicycle.

Anonymous said...

Well, motorcycles are referred to as "Donorcycles" for a reason. EVERYONE should wear a helmet.