Thursday, May 22, 2008

I wonder why ...

I wonder why I never posted this picture of Laurena from the Fruita Fat Tire Festival:

I know, we are the epitome of classy.

Last night at practice we were working on a new original song that is based on a certain reality TV show. While Rock of Love was airing, discussion of each episode took up much rehearsal time. To say we enjoyed this show is the understatement of the year ... we reveled in the jacked up nature of this train wreck.

And to show our love for all things Bret Michels (thank you Bret Michaels), we're including references to our favorite parts of season 1 and 2 of Rock of Love in our new song.

That's right, Riveter is uber-classy.

Oh, we love acting out this SNL spoof, way too much:


That One Guy said...

nice sanchez....


RiveterGirl said...

Thanks. That girl is always trying to get us to check out her sanchez.