Friday, May 30, 2008

Now with more stuff

Now we have a gravel play yard, grass and a paver and stone walk way. Next up, an extended patio. The rest we're covering in bark and plants.

Go us, with a regular backyard like normal people.


Also, my Haute Mamas post where I try not talking about sex with Margaret is featured on FiveStarFriday. Click over there and give me some love.

Oh and I had to drive my car to work today (for the first time this week) because I couldn't figure out how to get the plate of brownies I'm bringing for potluck into the basket on the front of my bike.

So today I'm increasing both my carbon footprint and my waistline.


Anonymous said...

I see where I wanna sit at the next back yard hang! Dibs on the grass!! (...don't say)


RiveterGirl said...

Dude, you were one of the first people to hang in our back yard ... after 8 years of us being in our house.

Here's to 8 more years of sitting in our yard!

Anonymous said...

The only thing better would be a bonfire pit so we can make fire with the BIG WHITE WOOD and poke melty glass with the pokey thingers.