Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tot awesomeness

Saturday, Bill and our neighbor, Greedy, were playing what I like to call "hockey pucky." Hockey players call it "stick and puck" — I think they smoke too much crack. Hockey pucky is so much more awesome and can be used interchangeably with "sticky pucky."

So Bill and Greedy were at the ice rink. Greedy's wife, Sarah, and I decided to ride our bikes with our kids down the mosquito-laden riverfront trail and skeetch off at the rink to see the boys play hockey pucky.

We gathered up the kids and off we were.

It was a looooong, but completely awesome ride.

When we came up on the back of the ice rink we debiked and tumbled over the dirt and debris between the trail and the rink parking lot. Those 90 seconds saw us each get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ick.

We parked the bikes and walked in to find the Zamboni on the ice and the boys not. They had just finished. Doh!

Oh well. We decided to have a cook out to celebrate a friend's college graduation. As we were planning the details, Greedy said, "We've got tots."

Margaret immediately chimed in, "Hey Napoleon, gimme some of your tots."

She's more awesome than I could ever imagine.

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