Monday, May 19, 2008

More proof my sanity is closer than ever to being theoretical

The following is a conversation between me and the iced tea sitting in my bike's basket on the way back to work after lunch:

Me to iced tea(out loud so everyone who thought I was a dork for riding my bike to work would have more proof they were correct): Oh no! Why do you keep popping your lid off?

Iced tea (not to be confused with Ice T — whose real name, by the way, is Tracy ... huh): Splash, splash, spill.

Me: Doh. Come on, now. Keep your lid on. We're almost there.

Iced tea: Pop. Spill.

Me: Oh man, my tea's spilling (this was said to no one and hopefully that's who heard me talking to my cup of iced tea while I rode my bike back to work).

Iced tea: Dribble, dribble.

Me: Why did I even bother trying to bring a drink with me.

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