Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthdays 'n' stuff

We celebrated Sean's 17th birthday over the weekend. I made a kick-ass, double-layer (I know, I'm fancy) cake. Mmm cake.

We got Sean some clothes that didn't fit, then we measured him on the wall which revealed why they didn't fit ... dude's 5'11-1/2" — 'the hell? He's a half-inch from 6 feet tall. Genetics are a funny thing, in that both his parents are not anywhere near 6 feet tall.

We also got him this cell phone:
Which is a lot like the Razrs that Bill and I have, but only more narrow and more cool and more better and I want one but there's nothing wrong with my phone except that it's not new and cool like Sean's.

Damn kids getting cool things for their birthdays.

OK, now for a smooth transition ...

Saturday night we finally made it out to see the Mesa State hockey team play.

Our friend, Rob, is the assistant coach, so we wanted to support him and watch some hockey. Bill and I both like hockey. Margaret liked hockey until the hot chocolate ran out and her cinnamon pretzel was gone, then she was the most bored she's ever been in her life ... according to her.

Mesa didn't win (that's my euphemism for "lost") but it's only their second season and they seemed to have some solid talent. They'll be in the thick of it soon enough, I'm sure.

And I should know ... because I said so.

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