Thursday, November 08, 2007

Inside joke

I posted this picture on my band's myspace account today.

I think it's funny for a bunch of reasons.

First, when Kelley started playing with us two years ago, she was surprised when I had to adjust her mic stand a whole bunch so I could use it. She said, "You're not that much taller than I am."

Yes I am. She's like 5'3." I'm just shy of 5'9."

She's wee — in a good way — but wee nonetheless.

So Saturday night at our show, I made Kelley go stand by the tall mic stand because I'm mean like that. Lookit her little arms all reaching up ... ha, ha.

Then I added the Diet Coke comment because on our way to Denver, Kelley wanted a can of Diet Coke. She didn't want a bottle or a jug, just a can. So she was delighted when the convenience store had cans of Diet Coke. But when she got the counter she had a can of Sprite in her hand.

She was shocked by this and exclaimed, "Who put this here? I hate Sprite. All I wanted was a Diet Coke."

Yeah, it's not as funny all written down, but believe me, I'm still busting a gut over that picture.

Poor Kelley, all she wants is a can of Diet Coke.

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