Monday, November 26, 2007

Not feeling Monday

I totally felt for Mar this morning when she sat glumly in front of her waffle and cried, "Why did I have to get up so early, there's no school today?" But, alas, there is school today.

The four-day weekend lulled her into a blissful existence of sleeping in and tweaking all day on cough medicine and antibiotics.

I was right there with her, though, wishing for just one more day at home. I got up late Sunday then spent the rest of the day fitfully resting in our little futon room in front of the giant TV.

I'm sick and I can't ever seem to get enough rest. Broke down and worn out. But still I probably should have at least put some pants on. But really, pants aren't conducive to being recumbent. The crotch rises up and the legs get all twisted and bunched. Pant legs are stupid.

Bill bought a humidifier yesterday and I had him plant it in the middle of the tiny room I was holed up in (yeah, Bill had to do everything for me yesterday. I didn't get up for nothing. Panty girl had her panty-clad ass permanently attached to that futon). Just so you know, humidifiers are great. I didn't have to mine giant snot rocks out of my nose this morning (OK, I did kind of miss the giant fossilized boogers ... but who wouldn't?) and I didn't feel so much like a piece of beef jerky either.

So to recap:
Monday = bad
Humidity = good

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