Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The traditional green salad

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.

We're not making a turkey. We're making the green salad for our annual orphan's Thanksgiving that we attend.

Mm, green salad. You know how much everyone looks forward to green salad on Thanksgiving ... yeah, not at all. I mean, really have you ever heard anyone say, "Oh, I love having all that green salad on Thanksgiving"?

Yeah, because no one does. But we're making the green salad and it's going to kick ass with yummy cheese and pomegranates and other stuff. OK, it's not going to be the favorite dish. I can live with that.

We're also making the cranberry sauce. We're bringing two kinds. One made with fresh cranberries and one slid out of a can ... yeah, because Bill loves the tube o' cranberry gel that comes out of the can yet still looks like the can. He likes that.

And we're bringing the relish tray. Because what's Thanksgiving with out pickles and olives.

Yeah, it's like Thanksgiving without green salad.

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Anonymous said...

You're the best girl for the relish job. Has anyone else seen the variety of jars of pickles and olives and peppers in this lady's fridge?