Monday, November 12, 2007

Stand back! It's gonna blow!

I'm irritated this morning.

There are a million things irritating me in ways that are making my blood pressure increase my already ginormous head to the size of a hot-air balloon.

Just so you know, it looks great on me. I can get away with a giant oblong head, just like Sara Jessica Parker gets away with her giant horsey face. Except that she has an amazing body and mine is like a bunch of lumpy pillows held together with wire coat hangers.

Yeah, that's irritating, too.

This morning I was trying to cancel a travel reservation for my boss using an online travel service. I kept getting an error message saying that I couldn't use Firefox and that I needed to use Internet Explorer.

I called the customer service rep and when I was explaining my problem, I actually said these words to her:

"It says I have to use Internet Explorer, instead of Firefox. That's like going from driving a car to hitting yourself in the face ... with a rock ... it's just plain stupid."

So, I'm trying to avoid being around me this morning. I'd suggest you do as well.

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