Friday, November 02, 2007

More new stuff

Four brand new songs on a uber cute mini CD (which plays in any CD player ... really!) and all for only $5! Five bucks! What a deal!

And these songs kick ass.

Number 1 is Creepy Girl which is about a girl who like this band so much it just ain't right. That band may or may not be the Supersuckers and the girl may or may not be me. Laurena and I wrote the majority of this the lyrics on the way back from Salt Lake City after seeing the 'Suckers and Social Distortion.

The second song is a hard-rockin' little ditty , In My Skin. La wrote the lyrics. We all collaborated on the music. It has deep meaning, I'm sure. That song kicks ass, fer reals. I love what our producer/drummer/band boy did with Kelley's vocals on this one. Supa awesome.

Number 3 is La Diabla and this one was written by Kelley, music and all. I love all the songs on this disc, but I think this one if my favorite because it's all wah-wah and all grungy in a most beautiful way. Plus Kelley sings this one like it's a torch song. Just beautiful.

The last song, Wrong Dream, is partially inspired by my antics at one of Bill's shows. Lyrics by Laurena and she and I collaborated on the music. It's our quirky song and is super fun.

We're very pleased with this CD and we're even more thrilled to have them for our show in Denver tomorrow night.

Riveter's going to Denver! Watch out Front Range!

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